Firepit Partners, Inc.

Four friends. Four travel partners. Four people looking for vacations at an affordable price.

Around a fire pit one Friday evening, the four of us got together to brainstorm how to make a Disney vacation more accessible and affordable. All of us grew up going to either Disneyland or Disney world. Our memories at these playgrounds shaped our desire for fun in our adult lives but we realized that these adventures are not always within our financial reach.

During the winter months in Illinois, we look for other places to enjoy the outdoors while snow and grey slush accumulate on our lawns and driveways. Disney has provided that perfect get-away during the wintertime, during Fall where we can eat our way around the World during the Food and Wine festival or during Spring where we dream of summer flowers in our backyards at the Flower and Garden Show.

Two of us are DVC members and figured there has to be a better venue to promote transactions that share vacations and points to anyone who would like to leverage them. We put all of our first-hand knowledge and hard-learned lessons into our system: provides an easy-to-use platform to find your affordable Disney vacation leveraging DVC points from members who are willing to share for a reasonable price.